Under Construction (still)

Watchmaker Films is proud to announce that its films are now available in the United States and Canada on Fandor. Watchmaker’s catalog continues to be offered worldwide on Mubi. And coming soon our catalog will be available via Distrify. We are currently at work on the restoration and remastering of 12 films from England’s Children’s Film Unit – features crewed and written by children ages 10-17 that originally aired on Britain’s Channel Four in the 1980s and 1990s. We are continuing our project to restore important American independent features with the restorations of Penny Allen’s pre-Sundance features Property and Paydirt. We plan to launch the 4K restorations of Sergey Dvortsevoy’s first four films in the United States and UK in the late winter of 2014. Meanwhile our restorations of Tobe Hooper’s short film The Heisters and his first feature, Eggshells (aka An American Freak Illumination) have premiered on Blu-ray as part of Arrow’s UK box set release of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre II.